Your Brand. You own it!

  • Easily customise your channel to match your brand look and feel.
  • Add your brand logo and assign your colours, the system does the rest for you.
  • Populate team names, logos and competitions then plan out your broadcast schedule.   

Pay Per View. Your Revenue.

  • Secure integrated payment handling using Stripe Connect.
  • Set your own pricing for live and on-demand videos. 
  • Set special offers and bundle passes to maximise sales.

Add to Your Revenue. Click into Advertising. 

  • Set tiered levels of channel and game advertisers at different price points.
  • Easily add online advertising banners. 
  • Assign website landing pages for online advertisers.

Know Your Fans. Your Analytics. 

  • Track viewer engagement and video sales (Live & On-Demand).
  • Know where your fans are from with geo-location tracking. 
  • Recognise the value of your channel - track advertising revenue and click through rates (CTR).

Team Support. Help Behind the Scenes.

  • Dedicated remote technical support for broadcasters.
  • Pre-prepared help guide resources for your fans. 
  • Add a customer support technician to cover all or selected streams.

Hear from our clients

“Great to work with. PerformaTV makes streaming easy - it’s that simple.”

David Kerr, Head of Media - Glentoran Football Club

“Ever since we made contact with PerformaTV they have been nothing but professional, always willing to help us out with any technical queries and all dealings are very transparent and clear. Through working with their team a level of trust was built very quickly, so much so that very little contact was needed as their services worked so smoothly throughout.”

Mark Beattie, General Manager - Portadown Football Club